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Hot Shapewear Trends for Summer 2024

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Summer makes women want a fresher, lighter and prettier collection of clothes. The heat invites you to relaxed days or a different plan, such as enjoying a long weekend at the beach house.

All events become more radiant if you choose the right clothing for your body, such as a built in shapewear dress, as it allows you to live your body positivity to the fullest in a calm and confident way.

Shapewear Dress

Should I always choose vibrant colors for my summer look?

The power of colors can give you extra vitality to start the new season, but it’s not a rule. In fact, the more you understand your personal style and free yourself from pre-defined standards, the more confident in yourself you can become. So, if you prefer more neutral colors, you can invest in a dress with a light, fluid appearance in milky white, light pink and green.

The shapewear mesh gives you a symmetrical waist, sculpted legs and aligned curves. The bust takes on a renewed shape thanks to the removable cups and the front ruffle. Furthermore, the thin, adjustable straps are essential for the dress to fit perfectly to your body, highlighting the lines of the neck, collarbone and shoulders. So, always prefer light colors so that the heat is not concentrated on your body.

Vibrant red gives you power and can be a great option to deliver everything in your look. So, invest in a strappy dress in this color with gathered details on the sides to enhance the effect of a well-shaped hourglass figure. It goes very well with neutral bags and shoes, but can also be easily worn with a croco leather accessory, which has a different and elegant texture.


Can I create a cooler look with shapewear for work?

Yes, you can achieve this effect in many ways, without losing the more formal air that the business environment requires. You can wear a slimming jumpsuit with flared pants combined with a Kitten Heel style pointy-toe shoe. If you work in an air-conditioned environment, add a light layer like a denim jacket. The double-layer fabric is breathable and helps to define the belly, butt and thighs in a simplified way. You don’t have to worry about wearing underwear as the crotch area is made with cotton fabric for complete comfort.

The jumpsuit is an interesting versatile piece. While you can use it at work, you can also adapt it for physical exercise and combine it with sneakers for safety and flexibility. It can also be used to go to a night party, as it also adapts to a cooler style. Pair with shoes that enhance your personal power, such as a version with a metallic heel.


Which shapewear should I invest in for leisure time?

It really depends on the occasion. If you’re traveling to the beach or enjoying a day at the pool with the kids, you should invest in swimwear that fits your curves. It could be a bikini with a shapewear effect and ruffled details or a one-piece to show off more elegance. Choose the model that makes you feel confident about yourself.

To go to a birthday party in the morning, opt for something relaxed like a bodysuit shapewear with thin straps and a V-neck. The modal fabric is stretchy and absorbs sweat, leaving you free to enjoy hours of fun. Pair with cargo pants, sneakers or flats for a casual look with comfort and good taste.

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