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A vow to myself, I make as she quietly sleeps away to love and always cherish her until my last breath until my last day.

My heart is complete with the love we share, and our love grows more beautiful each day.

I love you, and as long as we are together, I have everything I need.

You are with me always, in a smile, a memory, a feeling or a moment we share. You will always be, my forever Love

When you are sad, I will dry your tears…

When you are scared, I will comfort your fears…

When you are sick, for you I will care…

When you need love, my heart I will share…

I’ll keep you in my mind, my heart and my life… Insya Allah… May Allah give blessing for us and love us.

Start this day with read your email, make a spirit for me,  thank you. You fill my energy.

I felt… I miss you… I miss hear your voice, I’ve more excited when read your email, I want meet you.

Sometimes in life you may only meet somebody once but you remember them for the rest of your life.

From the man 10000 km from you

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