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Make it Happen

Happy International Women’s Day 2015…   Make it Happen…  Ini adalah tema dari perhelatan peringatan Hari Wanita Sedunia atau International Women’s Day 2015. Di beberapa negara seperti  China, Russia, Vietnam dan Bulgaria, menjadikan tanggal 8 Maret setiap tahunnya sebagai hari libut nasional sebagai bentuk penghormatan peringatan International Women’s Day. Make it Happen… Apa yang selama ini …


A Bowl of Healthy

Eating fruits and vegetables give you more health benefits — eat more fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet are likely to have a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of your body.


Bright Sunday

Start your day with fruits and vegetables. All you have to do just start your own healthy life for better your health future. Trying to keep up with all the vegetables and fruits because I’m up for the challenge! It’s not about diet but it’s for detox. This is the only way to go for …


Healthy Life

Eat, drink, happy and live longer! I think you can make it mark thats words. Life is about some things how long you can get to enjoy it, happy, are out of our control. But just throwback again, see your self, how you eat, whats your food, and what time you eat, thats show hows …

Event Komunitas wong kito

Peluang Usaha Terbuka Bagi Perempuan

Wong Kito Komunitas Blogger Palembang bekerja sama Information and Communication Technology atau ICT Watch dan STMIK MDP menggelar Workshop dan Seminar Perempuan Dan Internet: Peluang Usaha Terbuka. Kegiatan bertajuk ICT For Women tersebut dibuka secara resmi oleh Pembantu Ketua I STMIK MDP, Yulizar Kasih (20/03/2012). Seminar tentang peluang usaha di internet ini sangat baik karena …

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