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Caramel Chocolate Pudding

Puding Karamel Cokelat Bahan I: 400 ml susu cair 10 sdm gula pasir 6 butir telur 1/8 sdt garam 1 kuning telur 1 sdt vanilla essence 50 g coklat masak pekat, potong-potong 1 sdm cokelat bubuk Kismis Bahan II : 2 sdm gula pasir 4 sdm air panas Cara membuat: 1. Bahan I: Rebus susu …


My Mood Booster

If we crave chocolate when we’re down, tryptophan ups mood-lifting serotonin in the brain, that even the taste, texture, and smell make us happy. And it’s natural mood booster.

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